Winners of InnovEd 2017 Edition

The Innoved 2017 award ceremony and the Launch of InnovEd 2018 took place on 22nd of February 2018. The previous edition (InnovEd 2017) was based on Sustainable Development Goals and it saw the participation of 13 secondary institutions including two MITD centres. 

It is to be recalled that InnovED 2017 was launched last year in a new dimension through this online platform ( There were some 119 students and 48 facilitators who registered on the platform and were involved in different innovative projects.

Tools which were hosted on the platform helped to foster creativity among students as well as facilitate the participating teams to come up with innovative ideas. The projects were showcased with prototypes and social media was used throughout the duration of the project for on-going communication among teams and participants.


Quiz Winners

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Winner category MITD

Professor B.S Upadhyaya Training Centre

Project: Mini portable cooler box 

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Winner Category Lower Secondary (Grade 7 - 9)

Hindu Girls College

Project: Foldable bin

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Winner Category Upper Secondary (Grade 10 -13)

Soondur Manrakhan College

Project: Clean water and sanitation project

First Runner Up - Category MITD

La Tour Koenig Training Centre

Project: Textile Product Manufacturing

C:\Users\User\Desktop\la tour koening.jpg

C:\Users\User\Desktop\innoved photos\La tour koenig.JPG

First Runner Up - Lower Secondary (Grade 7 - 9)

Seewa Bappoo SSS

Project : The blue school - the underwater education

C:\Users\User\Desktop\seewa bappoo.jpg

First Runner Up - Category Upper Secondary (Grade 10 -13)

Dunputh Lallah SSS

Project: All in One hanger


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Second Runner-Up Category Lower Secondary (Grade 7 - 9) -

Project : GRSC eMagnews

C:\Users\User\Desktop\gaetan raynal.jpg

C:\Users\User\Desktop\innoved photos\gaetan Raynal.JPG

Second Runner Up - Category Upper Secondary (Grade 10 -13)

Le Marechal, Rodrigues

Project: Portable Dual Purpose Desalinator

Presentation conducted on SKYPE

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