Working Principles (Internal Rules of Procedures) for NLEAD

  1. All members' personal and professional conduct should be geared towards the values outlined in the Mauritius Leadership Brand [[Trusted, Innovation, Excellence, Together]. All members should uphold the integrity and reputation of NLEAD through their conduct at all times.  Therefore, it is mandatory to take the pledge before starting each meeting

  2. All members should treat all people with respect and dignity and challenge any form of harassment, discrimination, intimidation, exploitation or abuse.

  3. All members should perform their duties and conduct their private life to avoid possible conflicts of interest with the activities of NLEAD.

  4. All members should be responsible for the use of information, equipment(if any), money and resources to which they have access within the NLEAD network

  5. Protect the health, safety, security and welfare of all NLEAD volunteers, partners and collaborators. 

  6. All members should  promote human rights, protect the environment and oppose any criminal or unethical activities

  7. The Executive Committee members can add additional rules for the association.

Last modified: Thursday, 24 June 2021, 11:51 PM