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Starting 18th March 2023  

FREE Leadership Training - FEW SEATS AVAILABLE !

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The National Leadership Engine(NLE) project aims to develop leadership capabilities among youth.  Leadership is a stepping stone for youth to participate in building effective, accountable, and inclusive communities in Mauritius.

The NLE training will enable youth to apply basic productivity concepts during the implementation of projects. It will give youth an opportunity to build their personal competence, confidence, and character as a leader. Through better decision-making and principle-centered leadership, the training will empower youth to build trust in their leadership capabilities while developing social competence and team spirit. 

Being part of NLE 2023 will enable youth to solve problems and innovate while developing their critical thinking skills. After completing the training, the youth will have to implement a community- based project to be eligible for a certificate of participation.

All projects initiated under NLE2023 will be showcased during the National Leadership Engine Convention 2023.  Winners will be awarded certificates of achievement, trophies and cash prizes 



YOUth are invited to select the region of preference:

1. Black River 

2. Flacq

3. Grand Port

4. Lower Plaines Wilhems

5. Moka

6. Pamplemousses

7. Port Louis

8. Riviere du Rempart

9. Savanne

10. Upper Plaines Wilhems

The NLE is an initiative of the National Productivity and Competitiveness Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Recreation with the objective of developing a leadership pipeline to achieve higher productivity and a better living for the nation.

NB:  Trainers may be conducting part of the training online.  


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