NLE 2022 List of Best Projects at Regional Level

Region    Project Details                                               
1 Black River    A better tomorrow: Kid Shelter
2 Lower Plaines Wilhems Anou viv bien: Objective: Promote and provide a toolkit for stress management and preventing burnout to make a healthy lifestyle and live better                                                  
3 Upper Plaines Wilhems       Anou Donn Lavi Nou Later - Objective: to educate people about eco-friendly agriculture; implement the 5R’s of the Zero Waste System; encourage ecological farming and vermi-composting; demonstrate to people how to fully utilize available resources to reduce costs and foster environmental values among youth for a promising future.
4 Flacq
BRAVE (Building Resilience, Awareness Via E-facilities) - Objective: to reduce bullying among youngsters.

5 Grand Port
Nu-nat-li - Objective: use of locally sourced raw material- vacoas - Vakoa( low CO2 footprint and biodegradable) to design and create new end-products from vacoas that touches our contemporary needs.


6 Moka SoilStrong - Objective: to bolster the image of farmer from ‘planter’ to ‘food hero’ through making agriculture a child’s play, a therapy and to promote local food crops production.
7 Pamplemousses

Laisse Pousser - Objective: to be the intermediate between planters being discouraged from pursuing agriculture as their main economic activity and current garden farming practices that are demanding in terms of time, and energy to the commoners.


8 Port Louis B-WISE - Objective: to develop a series of activities to empower teenagers living in a shelter.
9 Riviere du Rempart Soft Skills/Learning Leagues – Objective: to teach youth soft skills on five main modules: Time management, communication skills, Team building, Leadership skills, and Conflict management.
10  Savanne
SaVer Banane: Production of banana flour


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