NLE 2021 Regional Winners

S/N Region Project Title Presentation & Abstract Video Link
 1 Bambous Nou Lavenir

Nou Lavenir aims for career guidance and SME guidance. The objective is to reduce unemployment for those aged between 16-30 years old.
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Project Report
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 2  Barkly Trash to Treasure

The project aims to tackle unemployment by training a group of people to produce value-added products from textile waste, such as, floor mats, bags, flower pots and biodegradable material which can be used as compost. The team will help the people to market and sell their products which will allow them to generate a new source of income.

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 3  Floreal  Please Disturb: A Mental Health Destigmatisation Campaign
This project aims to create awareness around the importance of Mental health as the real wealth instead of connecting via social media to look for self-gratification.

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 4  Mahebourg  Pa Zet Nanien
The project promotes the zero waste concept among local communities by reducing their household wastes. This project aims to empower our local communities towards a paradigm shift from linear economy to circular economy.
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 5 Montagne Blanche  AlgoPlastik  

In this project, the team collects and process seaweed to produce plastic. A plastic spoon was made to test the quality of the plastic. The team aims to produce and market single-use products made of the seaweed produced plastic.

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 6  NPCC-Ebene  Smart Hands  

The team wants to create more awareness about hiking through the use of a virtual reality system. Often Mauritians have bad assumptions about accessing our natural hotspots because some trails can be dangerous as there are no trail signs and people can get injured and lost easily.
Project Report

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 7  Pamplemousses  HUMANIMAL

The objective of the project is to raise public awareness on the benefits of having a pet, providing first aid training for animals, finding homes for abandoned animal through foster programs and improving the lives of stray dogs by setting up shelters.

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 8  Port Louis  Seed of Hope

The project aims to help alleviate poverty, reduce inequalities in out society and increasing healthy food accessibility for the Mauritian population at all levels. The objectives is to empower low income families in the region of Port Louis to develop an organic garden in their own backyard or roof top. Through this initiative, our beneficiaries will be able to produce their own food for their household. Any surplus will be sold by themselves to contribute to the income of the family. A community garden will be also set up to provide food all year round for the surrounding communities.

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 9  Riviere Du Rempart  COCO WORLD  
The aim of Coco World is to promote a greener environment with a vision of making 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly products, creating employment and encouraging a zero waste society. The project will basically focus on the making of coconut straws and coconut fibre bag. On top of that, coconut leaf and fibre residues will be used to make compost, which will be sold to the local farmers and the coconut leaf straws (“batton coco”) will be freely given to the local residents to make coconut broom.

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 10  Souillac  Mother Earth Conscious

The aim of this project is to protect the environment and also to decrease our waste production in an efficient manner. This will be achieved by designing several drainage nets or so called ‘trash traps’ that will be placed in specific locations, in order to prevent the discharge of plastic or other waste from flowing into our nature reserves and affecting our marine lives. Reduction of waste in our water, will firstly allow marine species to reproduce and thus resulting in an increase in the fishermen’s catch. Secondly, this will help to keep our natural reserves clean.

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